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VETIQ Nutri-Vit Plus 100g / 3.5 oz

  • A high calorie nutritional supplement containing essential vitamins and minerals
  • Fortified with Vitamins A, D, E and B vitamins
  • Contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Biotin, Taurine and Iron chelates


Active Ingredients Major Function

Vitamin A

Deficiency results in conjunctivitis, xerosis, keratitis, and retinal degeneration

Vitamin D 3

Deficiency causes rickets

Vitamin E

Deficiency leads to anorexia and muscular dystrophy

Vitamin B 1

Deficiency leads to anorexia, unkempt coat, hunched position, and neurological disorders

Vitamin B 5

Promotes healthy appetite through stimulation of metabolism

Vitamin B 3 \ Vitamin B6

Deficiency causes weight loss, anorexia and apathy

Vitamin B 2

Deficiency causes liver problems, skin and coat condition affected


Aids efficient absorption of active ingredients

Vitamin B 12 \ Folic Acid, Potassium

Role in cell metabolism

Manganese \ Iron \ Magnesium \ Zinc

Dietary minerals required for various metabolic function


Regulation of metabolic function

Target VETIQ Nutri-Vit Plus is a high calorie, tasty and nutritional supplement providing a range of essential vitamins and minerals for your dog. These nutrients work together as an aid in maintaining your pets overall health. This is especially important if your pet is not eating sufficient amounts of food for nutritional support



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